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Your Tax Rebate and Your Business

A while back, we asked for your input on how you would use your $600 tax rebate if you HAD to spend it on your business (and no, in most cases, we don’t consider a Wii a business expense…). We also asked this question to our friends on Twitter, and got some good responses. From the three whole responses we got, it looks like you’ll spend the money to foot the bill for online services you’re already using, hire a professional for a new logo or graphic design work, or buy some new software.

If I had to spend my $600 on a business expense (and my wife didn’t have veto power), I’d use the money to buy a new monitor. Or, I might use it to buy a video camera for some videos were planning on shooting for Ask a Floor Guy. Other budget priorities include online advertising for several of our ventures.

We’d still love to hear more from all of you about what you’d do with your $600. Come on, please, we’re begging here!


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