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XJet & Dreams

I recently interviewed Josh Stewart, the CEO of XJet – and I was very impressed. He is a young CEO and followed his dreams and is making them a reality. At thirty four years old, he managed to raise over $25 million to build his dream of a “7 Star” club for jet owners. He and I had a lively discussion and we both agreed that most people impose barriers unto themselves, rather than having those barriers placed on them.

Through my networking and interviewing for the show, I meet so many happy and successful entrepreneurs. The piece of advice that everyone of them has said to me, is that you have be confident (or crazy enough) to believe that you can do anything. I mean it, anything. You must have the confidence and acknowledge the fact that if you really try, you can be successful. I really believe that, as it was only after I stopped worrying about failing that I started to become successful as an entrepreneur.


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