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September 08, 2007 – Robert Morrissey Photographer & Inventor

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Rob: Welcome to Startup Story Radio. I am your host, Rob McNealy. We are here to inspire and motivate you, yes you, to become a successful entrepreneur. You are far more likely to be a millionaire working for yourself, not for some drone corporation. Even you people in Boulder. You do not need to feel guilty about making money if you’re doing it honestly.

So, anyway. Today I would just like to say give us a call. Lines are open. The number is 303-713-7600. You can also instant message the show by visiting our website at Today we have Tony Bertram running the board, pushing the buttons right there, trying to get ahead in life. He’s doing a great job. I’d also like to say I’d like to welcome back Erin Weed of She’s our guest co-host today. How are you today Erin?

Erin: I’m doing fabulous. How are you?

Rob: I am wonderful. Waiting for my wife to give birth to our third and final child.

Erin: Yeah. This guy is really making us all really want it. So suspenseful.

Rob: Exactly.

Erin: Every week he’s on the verge.

Rob: That’s what I’ve been saying. We expected him a couple of weeks early a couple of weeks ago. Thank goodness he’s still cooking away. Today I’d like to introduce our special in-house guest, our very own Robert Morrissey. Robert Morrissey is a well-respected commercial photography who has shot television commercials and countless ad campaigns, catalog images. These world-class images have appeared worldwide.

His advertising shots have graced the pages of National Geographic Explorer, the Wall Street Journal, and Time magazine. Robert Morrissey is also the author of “Master Lighting Guide for Commercial Photographers,” sounds really interesting, published by Amherst Medium. Morrissey is a phase one-feature photography sponsored by Chimera Lighting, and the creator of Proshot Boxx, the Ocular Box, the 60-Second Quickshot, and has taken subtractive light to new levels. He’s also recently developed a new way to do bio-imaging. Since I have no idea what all that stuff means, I hope Rob you can explain it to us. Tell me who are you and what does all that stuff mean?

Rob M: I am a local commercial photographer here in Denver. Thank you guys, first, for having me on the show. I hope this becomes something that inspires a lot of entrepreneurs. There’s some great ways of doing business, and I found diversifying has been good for me, and that’s where all these special photographic portions or ideas have spawned from.

Rob: So many of us in the business world-we really are clueless when it comes to art, design, and artistic endeavors. Painfully, we have to go through this process of trying to find people who are clued into the design and imagery world and either find out that they’re painfully horrible or painfully expensive, or both. Why I wanted you to come on the show was that I met you a while ago and we worked on a couple of projects now. You just have an interesting perspective on design and imagery as it relates to business and marketing.

What I want to talk about a little bit today is how the design world is changing and what you feel that entrepreneurs need when it comes to the design and imagery, and some of the projects you’ve been working on. You’ve got so many sticks in the fire. You make my ADHD butt look like I’m just sitting around doing nothing. Can you give us a little bit about your background for our audience and tell us a little about your latest project?

Rob M: My background-I’ve been a photographer for about 10 years now; started drawing when I was a kid. I was the first guy on the block to actually fill in the lines with the crayons and make sure that everything in the crayon book was nice and shaded. I actually still do it, which is a little scary. I hang out with my daughter and my new son, and help them learn to draw and things of that sort. Went straight into art school after high school and find out that I didn’t like being dirty, which painting and drawing – they’re messy.


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