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August 18, 2007 – Girls Fight Back Author Erin Weed

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Welcome to Startup Story Radio. I’m your host Rob McNealy. I want to say hello Boulder. This is our first debut broadcast on KKZN, Denver, Boulder, Thornton. We just moved over here from our sister station KHOW. We actually moved a whole three feet to a different studio. We have a much better time slot and a much bigger signal. I kind of like the Boulder crowd better myself anyway. I just wanted to say we have a great show for you today.

The basis for this show for you Boulder types is that we want you to make lots of money. Now, I know a lot of Boulder people have a really hard guilt-kind of have a guilty conscious about being rich and making money, but in this world the best way to make money is not to rip someone off, not to go work for some giant corporation, but to go out and start your own business. That is the way that you’re most likely to make money, and this show is to empower you to become a successful entrepreneur. Now, we are a live call in show. We’re not here to pitch you vitamins. We’re not trying to sell you a condo in Boulder. And we’re not trying to sell you consulting. We’re here as an altruistic venture to inspire and motivate you to do your thing-get away from that evil, giant corporation-you do not want to work for them. You want to work for yourself. You’ll be far happier. Your kids will love you for it. And, you’ll make a lot more money.

Today, we are actually blessed and honored. We’re kind of unaccompanied in the studio for once. We have Erin Weed. She’s got an amazing story, and that’s what this show is all about-startup stories. Erin Weed is a professional speaker, author, violence prevention advocate, self defense instructor. I think she can kick my butt. She specializes in educating people about their personal safety and motivating them to become their own best protectors. Her calling into the field of violence protection, self-defense began in 2001 as a direct response to the murder of her friend and sorority sister Shannon McNamara. After Shannon’s death, Erin abandoned her career in TV production to study with some of the best anti-violent activists, personal safety specialists, and self-defense experts in the world. In January 2002 she began traveling the nation giving keynotes and seminars in schools, businesses across the nation on a full-time basis. To date she has spoken to hundreds of thousands of people with her uplifting, humorous, and empowering message of staying safe from violence and finding peace in the process.

So, we’re going to just open the lines right now. So, all three of you listening out there, give us a call at 303-713-7600. Again, 303-713-7600. Just like always we have a website, and that website is, where you’ll find news, interviews, forums, podcasts, and a great picture of me. So, go to and post any comments or questions you might have about any of our guests, specifically Erin today. So, with a warm welcome, Erin, how are you today?


I’m awesome. How are you doing?


Oh, I’m just caffeinated and having a great time.


Me too. Let’s rock.


So, we’re in this brand new studio and you just came all the way down from Boulder. Let’s just start from the beginning. What’s your story? How did you get into this?


Well, to give a little background, I grew in Chicago and went to Eastern Illinois University for college. Just had a great time there. Was in Alpha Phi sorority and just had an awesome time in college. Really involved in student government-stuff like that. And when I was at college I met this awesome girl named Shannon McNamara and she and I became really good friends-really close friends. And then it was time to graduate in the summer of ’99 and so pretty much graduated and moved in with my parents for eight awesome months.


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