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The Coming Economic Collapse with Stephen Leeb

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Rob McNealy interview Stephen Leeb of Leeb Capital Management about his book The Coming Economic Collapse: How You Can Thrive When Oil Costs $200 a Barrel.

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Stephen Leebs’ Bio

Stephen Leeb As Leeb Capital Management, Inc.’s Investment Committee Chairman, Dr. Leeb has developed a systematic approach in evaluating market trends over his 25+ years of investment experience. His team of investment professionals combine knowledge of macro-economic trends, current market conditions and detailed fundamental research about the specific companies that they follow. They apply this knowledge to guide the Investment Committee’s decisions regarding which stocks are placed in portfolios under the Firm’s management. Stephen Leeb is responsible for coordinating the macro-economic analysis and his fundamental research focuses on the energy, materials, industrials, and healthcare sectors.

Stephen Leeb is the author of six books. The latest, The Coming Economic Collapse: How You Can Thrive When Oil Costs $200 a Barrel, published in February 2006, outlines the biggest challenges facing the American economy, and the steps individuals and governments can take to forestall them. Timer Digest has rated Dr. Leeb among the top market timers for both stocks and bonds several times over the past decade, and Dr. Leeb’s The Complete Investor newsletter has earned an award for Editorial Excellence for 2004 and 2005 by the Newsletter & Electronic Publishers Association. Prior to founding The Complete Investor, Dr. Leeb was the longtime editor of the widely acclaimed Personal Finance financial newsletter, in which his investment advice at one point reached over 120,000 subscribers twice per month.

Dr. Leeb is a recurring guest on Fox New’s Forbes on Fox and Bloomberg Radio. Dr. Leeb received his bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business. He then earned his master’s degree in Mathematics and Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Illinois.


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