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Staying Connected on the Road with Mobile Broadband

Having a flexible, mobile lifestyle is important to my family. With a goal of making our income entirely from social media and internet based pursuits by the end of 2009, finding ways to remain connected and get work done with mobile internet access while traveling for business and pleasure is vital to our future success. Between our growing international following, and my increasingly busy travel schedule, I thought it would be appropriate to share a UK based mobile broadband resource I became aware of recently.

Broadband Expert provides a quick and easy way to research mobile broadband offers, including plans that come with incentives like free laptops.   Broadband Expert compares both mobile and home broadband options from companies like Virgin Media, Orange, O2 and AOL, using easy to read charts that can be sorted by variables like user rating, monthly fees, download limits, service types and contract length.  You can search for the availability of different plans and providers all from one site using their postcode checker.  You can even check to see how much you would save by switching to a different broadband plan using their calculator, and if you’re confused about the home broadband options available in the UK, they also explain what is involved in making a switch between cable and ADSL.

If you’re skeptical of claims made by broadband providers themselves, Broadband expert also has customer reviews of over 20 different broadband service plans.  Some of the reviews are pretty abysmal, while a couple of companies stand out with scores of 9 out of 10 or more, so you should probably check out what customers are saying before making a final choice.

If you’ve got a question that goes beyond finding the hottest broadband deals, you can check out the forums, where there are topics devoted to 20 different UK broadband providers, as well as areas to ask general questions about mobile broadband and their broadband speedcheck.  There is also a section where you can ask a question of broadband experts.  Any of these could be a good resource if you’re having a problem getting up and running with your broadband access and your provider’s customer service department just isn’t being very helpful.

Broadband Expert is a pretty comprehensive broadband research tool for the UK.  Does anybody out there know of similar resources for other parts of the world?


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