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Social Networking for Small Business at

Earlier this month, the birth of yet another social network,, was announced. So, what exactly is doing to set themselves apart? Well, describes itself as “a small business social network where networking and resources intersect.” To that end, they are targeting small business owners, and providing educational content and advice, as well as a forum for networking with small business colleagues – essentially everything you need when starting a business. is making a bid to separate itself from the pack by staffing their forums with four topical experts, the “Star Lawyer,” “Search Guru,” “Serial Veteran” and “Financier.” These experts moderate the forums, answer questions and post their own thoughts and educational posts about their areas of expertise. For example, “Search Guru” answers SEO questions and helps improve your website’s search engine rankings with free search engine optimization.

In addition to connecting small business owners and startups, provides a variety of other useful resources, including daily articles right on their front page which come from top industry magazines like Entrepreneur, Inc, BusinessWeek, FSB, Forbes, Fast Company and Fortune.

If video is more your thing, you can also check out motivational video clips from well known speakers like Zig Ziglar. If you register, you can even upload your own inspirational photos or videos, or add the embed code from video hosting sites like YouTube, to make your video a part of the video library.

I finally got around to setting up a profile this week, and I wasn’t surprised to see that several of my friends from other social networking sites had already beat me there. Right now, the site’s membership is relatively small, but I can see it taking off, particularly with the current push to “be everywhere” in social media and social networking.

So, head on over to , and check it out. While you’re there, add me as a friend.


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