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RFID Implants with Amal Graafstra, RFID Toys Author

In this Podcast Episode

Rob McNealy interviews Amal Graafstra, author of RFID Toys, about implantable RFID technology and his own RFID implants.

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Amal Graafstra’s Bio

Amal GraafstraRFID Toys author Amal Graafstra, is the owner of several technology and mobile communications companies and a double RFID implantee. Amal loves thinking up interesting ways to combine and apply various technologies in his daily life.

Since learning about RFID technology used in cats and dogs for identification, Amal wanted to leverage that technology himself. Getting implants meant there was no need to carry an RFID access card around and he could implement his own RFID access control systems instead of buying expensive off-the-shelf products. Soon after getting his first implant and posting some pictures of the process for a few friends, word quickly spread over the Internet and soon he found himself talking to everyone from industry players to clergy to book publishers about RFID technology and its possibilities.

Amal has been interviewed about his adventures in RFID by television, print, and online news media from around the world, including the Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet program. He uses his RFID implants to log into his computer, access his front door and opening his car door.


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