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Organic Clothing Market with Becky Prater of Beckons Organic

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Rob McNealy interviews Becky Prater, co-founder of Beckons Organic, a company that makes yoga clothes from organic cotton and other sustainable natural fibers.

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More About Becky Prater and Beckons Organic

Beckons Organic FoundersBecky Prater (right), and her business partner Ann Sather, have been a design team since 1987, jointly designing children’s wear, snowboard clothing and dance costumes. They got their start working on projects together as stay-at-home moms. When their children entered high school, Becky and Ann decided it was the right time in their lives to set out on their dream of bringing flattering eco-conscious clothing to the market.

Beckons began in 2005 because Ann and Becky recognized a need for colorful yoga clothing that fits the average woman, rather than just the refined yoga body. They found an outstanding domestic manufacturing facility and a supplier of organic fabrics to create a package they could be very proud to bring to the consumer.

Becky and Ann contribute their unique strengths to the Beckons collection. Ann is a genius pattern maker and production coordinator. She is naturally the most “green” person — air-drying her clothes, walking, biking or taking the bus around town, and organically growing her own food. With a Masters in Marketing, Becky manages the business arm of Beckons. She also gardens, growing mostly grapes, berries and roses.

“Our biggest challenge is that people do not understand what organic cotton clothing is. We need to educate the public on the benefits of organic cotton and the problems associated with conventional cotton,” states Becky Prater. Through information on their website, hang tags, and point-of-purchase displays, they strive to increase consumer awareness.


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