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NLP, Memetics, Magic, Fnords and Persuasion with Ben Mack

In this Podcast Episode

Rob McNealy interviews Marketing genius Ben Mack about NLP, fnords, memetics and persuasion, and their uses in marketing.

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Ben Mack’s Bio

Ben MackBen Mack is the marketing genius credited with having sold a quarter-billion-dollars in yo-yo’s in two years.

Ben has received two national awards from the American Marketing Association; the Effie for
his highly successful strategy on YoMega Yo Yos and the Edison award for the launch of the Michael Jordan Cologne.

Two years ago Ben left the corporate life as Senior Vice President at BBDO, Director of Brand Strategy on Cingular, where he was lead strategist on a half-billion-dollar advertising budget.

Think Two Products AheadHe is the author of a wide variety of books from his highly acclaimed business book Think Two Products Ahead, to the best selling book on fire eating ever published, How To Eat Fire With Little or No Pain.

As a kid, Ben spent three days interviewing R. Buckminster Fuller for the book Fuller’s Earth: A Day With Bucky And The Kids.

Currently, Ben Mack consults with and coaches established entrepreneurs and successful business owners about how to maximize profitability by thinking two products ahead.


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