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Netflix Provides Customer Service

I read a great article in the New York Times the other day about NetFlix, the web-based movie rental company. They took a bold and costly step to provide real, authentic customer service to their customers.

They did this by eliminating their web based email customer service options and replaced them with phone numbers to a call center. That is not so unusual, what is unusual is that the call center is not located in Mexico, India or China, but is located in Portland, Oregon.

I am truly happy and excited to hear NetFlix is going to buck the short-sighted corporate trend of companies sacrificing the longterm viability of their organizations, for short term profit. I have predicted that people so hate and disdain the offshoreing and insourcing of both customer service and manufacturing, that eventually customers will rebell. I think that NetFlix will actually prosper longterm by this most costly shorterm expense, as they are now on the forefront and bringing back customer service.

Thanks NetFlix. I am off to cancel my Block Buster account.


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