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Music as Business with Rob Anthony

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Rob McNealy interviews singer/songwriter Rob Anthony about the music business and being an entrepreneur.

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Rob Anthony’s Bio

Rob Anthony
Singer/songwriter Rob Anthony believes that the true measure of a successful artist is reflected in what he gives back to his community. Through his lyrics, Rob is able to arouse interest and raise awareness for a number of different causes. ‘Down the Road’ – a tribute to the men and women in the trucking industry, is a prime example. Anthony’s lyrics paint a vivid picture of Americana and the struggle that the truckers face in order to keep this great country of ours moving day-to-day. Anthony’s desire is to increase appreciation for an industry that is often times overlooked.

Although ‘Down the Road’ has received national attention and become an anthem of sorts in the industry, Anthony feels the greatest sense of accomplishment after receiving a heartfelt response like this: “I would just like to commend you on your song. I am a truck driver’s wife and when I first heard your song I cried. He (my husband) is one of the many you sing about. You inspired me to look to him as more than just a husband, but as a provider for the world. We are a “family” out on that road and we should all be able to share that heart you have.”

Anthony’s soulful style of songwriting comes right from the heart where it exuberates emotion. His lyrics are full of passion and life in a way that can really speak to the whole audience. His honest and truthful personal experiences welcome the listener in (regardless of their musical tastes) and make them feel comfortable and secure.

In addition to the intimate connection that is made with his fans at over 150 live performances every year, Rob has also made a connection with a younger audience. He shares the story of his entrepreneurial journey by speaking & performing at high schools and colleges. By sharing his experiences, he hopes to inspire & encourage students to follow their dreams.

The music community has a powerful voice that such organizations like can benefit from. This group of individuals has made it their mission to locate missing persons throughout the country. Rob raises awareness of their mission through social networking on the internet as well as at live performances.

Anthony’s journey started off at an early age in an alternative metal band. After several years of touring nationally, Rob decided to return to his Midwestern roots and focus on songwriting. His debut album “Hard to Believe” was released in 2000 and received critical acclaim. Anthony’s sophomore release “Where I Belong” in 2004 earned him awards with the Wisconsin Area Music Industry including ‘People’s Choice Artist’ and ‘Acoustic Artist of the Year’. Anthony’s latest release “Inside You Inside Me” (2007) breaks new ground as a breadth of raw emotion fills the quiet intimate moments while at other times the music builds with massive rhythm. Rob Anthony’s pure love of music has won the hearts of fans throughout the country.

Rob Anthony ~ where rock and hope crash into craft and song.

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