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Michele Connolly & Bill Swails of Earth Roamer and Gary Rosenzweig of Clever Media

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Rob McNealy interviews Michele Connolly & Bill Swails from Earth Roamer Expedition Vehicles and Gary Rosenzweig from Clever Media.

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Michele Connolly & Bill Swails’ Bio

EarthRoamer® Xpedition Vehicles were created to meet the unmet demand durable, capable, stand alone, four-season campers. The company was founded in 2002 by Bill Swails, Chief Designer & COO and Michele Connolly, President & CEO. Both engineering undergraduates, the two met while attending UCLA in pursuit of their MBAs. Bill Swails, an avid traveler and photographer, needed a way to get to remote destinations for wildlife and landscape photography. He knew that getting “the shot” often meant waiting for the right light, usually found at dusk and dawn. Having spent many a night in the wilderness in a bivy bag after hiking for several hours, he also wanted a more comfortable way to pursue his lifelong passion and thus began the design of EarthRoamer Xpedition Vehicles.

Gary Rosenzweig’s Bio

Gary Rosenzweig is owner and Chief Engineer of CleverMedia, Inc. a computer multimedia company that specializes in Web-based games and expert Shockwave and Flash programming. CleverMedia’s Web sites contain the world’s largest collection of Shockwave and Flash games made by one company. Gary is recognized as one of the top Macromedia Director Lingo and Macromedia Flash ActionScript programmers in the world. He has written eleven books, including “ActionScript 3.0 Game Programming University.”

Gary is also the host and executive producer of MacMost, a daily video podcast and Web site for Mac, iPod, iPhone and Apple TV users.


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