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Toys Made in China

Now, I’m all about businesses trying to reduce costs. However, outsourcing has become the loudly sung cadence of big corporations as they all race to destroy the American economy by destroying the means of production.

I am a luddite of sorts, as I believe in the concept of self-reliance and independence. I don’t think it is economically or strategically in any nation’s best interest to lose the means of production. Since we have cashed in quality, customer service and stability, for $50 DVD players, we now have a growing problem of lethal products being imported from China. These products range from formaldehyde laden blankets, to unwashed, recycled chopsticks.

Now that the toxicity and low quality of Chinese manufacturing is becoming painfully obvious to the unwashed public, I can’t help to think to myself that maybe this is exactly what we need to revitalize the old, “Made in America” slogan. I just hope more pets and possibly some kids do not have to die in the process.


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