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LinkedIn Courses by Integrated Alliances and Mike O’Neil

Recently I had the pleasure of taking a LinkedIn 101 course offered by Integrated Alliances and taught by Mike O’Neil, the President of that fine group. Prior to taking the course, I thought that I was a better than average LinkedIn user; I had over 1,400 connections, and made real world contacts from using LinkedIn. I thought life was grand.

Then I took LinkedIn 101 and my entire view of using the platform changed. I walked way with amazing tidbits of information such as:

* Understanding the benefits and limitations of LinkedIn.
* How to properly navigate the interface.
* How to build a big network fast.
* How not to get in trouble with LinkedIn corporate.
* How to build a great profile that gets noticed.
* How to get the best results from LinkedIn’s search functions.
* If it’s better to have a small or large LinkedIn network.

I am looking forward to taking the LinkedIn 201 class offered by Integrated Alliances. Integrated Alliances also offers different versions of the LinkedIn classes which are tailored for specific industries, such as human resources professionals, real estate pros and sales and marketing folks.

Corporate types can certainly benefit from Integrated Alliances’ LinkedIn courses as well, since they are now providing in-house corporate training as well. Now entire organizations can get their people up to speed with LinkedIn in a uniform fashion.


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