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Jon Taylor on the Evils of MLM

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Rob McNealy interviews Dr. Jon Taylor, MLM expert and author of The Network Marketing Game: Gospel Perspectives in Network Marketing.

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Jon Taylor’s Bio

Dr. Taylor was recruited aggressively into the Nu Skin program in 1994. After saying “no” four times, he made a deliberate decision to join the program as a distributor and give it everything he had for at least a year. If the Nu Skin program was what recruiters were representing, he could become a Blue Diamond in only a couple of years of diligent effort. The average income of Blue Diamonds at the time was purportedly $750,000 a year, and Taylor figured he could live on that. If Nu Skin and MLM in general was not as represented, he would tell the world about it.

Taylor rose to the top 1% in the hierarchy of distributors within a year. However, with over $1,500 of expenses a month (including Nu Skin product purchases and promotions), he was only bringing in commissions of about $250 a month. But he still believed that by persisting for another year or two, he could conceivably reach the goal of becoming a Blue Diamond. Then, with the help of his perceptive wife, he could see that to achieve such a goal would require deceiving and taking advantage of friends and family, the vast majority of whom would lose money in order to enrich himself. Together, they concluded that this would be morally wrong.

Dr. Taylor published The Network Marketing Game: Gospel Perspectives in Network Marketing, a religious/ethical treatment of the subject. He also founded the Consumer Awareness Institute, Non-profit Corporation.


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