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Support Veterans

“In war, there are no unwounded soldiers.” -Jose Narosky


The United States government has done a bad job of supporting our troops and taking accountability for the permanent and disabling injuries our brave vets have an endured while protecting this nation.


I will do everything in my power to provide the troops the medical benefits, transition services and psychological counseling they need and deserve, so they can successfully reenter civilian society after their deployments.


  • I will work to expand and fund the Veteran’s Administration (VA)  so that the proper level of service can be offered to the troops.
  • I will work to make sure that the government starts to take the soldiers suffering with Gulf War Syndrome seriously, and provide them with the treatment they need.
  • I will work to make the government accountable for Depleted Uranium (DU) poisoning, so that the troops that are affected get the treatment they need.
  • I will work to provide a Veterans Bill Of Rights, that can let our veterans know where they stand, and get what they were promised.