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Successful Education


The government run education system in the United States is failing. Public schools are government and union run monopolies, which virtually eliminates any free market competition or accountability by teachers or administrators.


I will work towards improving education by supporting competition and accountability in education.


  • I support school of choice (vouchers) for all students.  This will inject competition into the education system. Good teachers and schools will grow and thrive, while bad teachers and schools will fail and be removed from the system. This model works well in Belgium, and it will work great here. This will give inner city and minority students the best chance to get a decent education.
  • Parents know better than government how to best raise their children. As a homeschooling parent myself, I see the benefits and results of home education and will support the rights of parents to educate their children, unhampered by the Federal government.  I will oppose any Federal regulation of homeschooling.
  • I will work towards the abolishment of the Department of Education, as this agency is redundant to what the States already regulate.   This wasteful and unnecessary bureaucracy siphons tax money from the states that could be used to educate students.  The States and communities should collect taxes for public school, and decide how and where that money is spent locally.
  • I will vigorously defend the rights of parents to homeschool and home educate their children without government interference.
  • I will vigorously defend the rights of parents to send their children to religious, private or other non government run schools.