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National Defense

“The policy of peace through reason rather than peace through force is one in which America has taken and ought always to continue to take a leading part.” -Calvin Coolidge


The government’s most important role is to protect the country from invaders.  The United States can no longer afford to be the world’s mediator, policeman or big brother.


I will work hard to create a strong defense for the United States, while at the same time creating a foreign policy that  keeps the US out of harm’s way.  I will work hard to support the returning soldiers through veterans policies.


  • Stop closing domestic bases while we have hundreds of bases abroad.  Each base we have abroad is costly and feeds a local economy there, when those resources could be redeployed to the United States soil and could protect our country here at home, as well as boost the local economy. We can’t afford to protect foreign countries when our own infrastructure is crumbling.
  • All wars must be constitutionally declared by Congress, have a tangible enemy and a stated goal and objective.
  • The many police actions and nation building exercises the United States is currently engaged in should be ended as soon a possible; they are fiscally irresponsible and actually radicalize and create more enemies for the United States.  That makes us less safe, and is counter productive to our national defense objectives.