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Marriage Freedom


Many people want to force the Federal government to determine who can marry, and under what circumstances.   The history of government control of marriage is borne out of racism – the government wanted to prevent whites from marrying blacks or other races.  From the governmental (not religious) prospective, marriage is nothing more than a contract.  Governments do not have the constitutional authority to pick and choose arbitrarily who can legally engage in a contract and who cannot.


I don’t believe government, at any level, should be able to regulate, govern or decide what constitutes marriage, or which legal adults can commit to a legally binding contractual relationship.  I will support the states in making marriage available to any consenting adults.


  • I will fight aganist any Federal laws that control or govern marriage.
  • I will fight against any constitutional amendment establishing a narrow or religious definition of marriage.
  • I will oppose any regulations that prevent legal adults from engaging in a relationship based on physical, spiritual or mental characteristics.