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Health Care Affordability


Health care costs have become unaffordable for many people due to government subsidies, regulation and reduced competition.


I will work towards reducing the bureaucracy and Federal government impediments that reduce competition and increase health care costs.


  • I will work towards removing Illegal immigrants from the free health care rolls.  Millions of people that break the laws of the nation are granted free health care.  The actual number is not known officially, but many estimates indicate that there may be upwards of 40 million illegal immigrants in this country.  It is not fair that Americans go without health care, while illegal immigrants get it for free.  If you remove many of these illegal immigrants from the “uninsured” numbers that are bandied about, you will quickly see that much of the debate about health care safety nets will go away.
  • I will work towards increasing competition among insurance companies.  Currently, the government does not allow you to buy health insurance from out of state providers.  Because of this, the government has created regional monopolies that keep health care more expensive.
  • I will work with insurance companies to promote long term health care initiatives to permit long term care policies.  Currently, you are not able to buy health care in long term policies for life, which would bring the cost of health care down.
  • I will work to make Health Savings Accounts (HSA’s) available for all Americans, even those with lower deductible plans. Most healthy people really only need a high deductible, catastrophic injury or umbrella hospitalization policy.  The HSA’s could easily fill in the gap for routine well visits and physicals.
  • I am in favor of making medical expenses 100% deductible.  Currently they are only deductible on schedule A (so you have to itemize) if they are over 7.5% of your adjusted gross income.
  • I would like to make all wellness, gym memberships, alternative medicine, chiropractic care, etc, 100% tax deductible.  This will make people healthier, while at the same time boosting small businesses.