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Freedom for Families


Governments and politicians in all major political parties have historically used family planning and reproduction as a way to control society and exploit voters for campaign contributions.  Even with all the controversy, hysteria and hype surrounding abortion over the last forty years, the status quo has remained intact regardless of which party has been in power.  The political power elites don’t want to change it, regardless of their rhetoric.  They just make too much money from it.

As a homeschooling parent of soon-to-be four children, I am very much a “pro-family” person.  But, that doesn’t mean that my opinion on raising children is right for everyone.  I think people are smart enough to make decisions about how they want to raise their own families, without the government telling them how to do it.


I will oppose the Federal government controlling or regulating reproduction.  How families choose to raise their families is their choice, not the Federal government’s.


  • I will oppose and work against any one child or population control policies.
  • I will oppose and work against any forced sterilization of people.
  • I support adoption and safe hands locations for abandoned children.
  • I don’t believe minors should be allowed to receive abortions without their parent’s consent.
  • I don’t believe that government should use tax dollars to pay for abortions,  sexual performance enhancing drugs or birth control.
  • I support the right of the states to adjudicate abortions as their voters determine.
  • I  believe parents and local educators should determine how sexual education is approached in their local schools.