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Bailouts (Corporate Welfare)


The establishment run government has bailed out Wallstreet for political paybacks, while leaving Mainstreet footing the bill, and getting no benefit.  Bailouts are corporate welfare,  and in my opinion, are unconstitutional.  The money that is used for bailouts is borrowed at interest and will need to be paid back by future generations.  This debt could make permanent debt slaves of current and future generations.


I will never support the government taking taxpayer dollars to subsidize private companies. Bailouts are bad for the economy and distort free markets. Bailouts  often do nothing more than  subsidize and incentivize the bad management and possibly illegal behavior of companies.


  • I will work to eliminate wasteful political paybacks and government spending. Government spends money politically, instead of ways that are the most efficient economically.
  • I will work in to increase competition among the states.  Monopolies, government subsidies and regulations hurt free markets and reward bad behavior.
  • I support transparency in government and Federal Reserve spending.
  • I will demand accountability of ALL government spending of taxpayer’s money.