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Is it cheesy to put MBA on your business card?

I recently asked my LinkedIn network about this topic. Note: Even though I am a recovering MBA, I don’t currently list my MBA on my business card, as I previously thought it was moderately tacky. However, lately I have been noticing more and more people putting it on their business cards. So, I decided to find out what my “trusted network felt about the practice.

I sent the question to 200 LinkedIn folk (the most you are allowed at one time) and asked: “Do you think it is cheesy to put MBA on your business cards and in your online profiles?” What I received back was interesting.

I received 37 responses, and of them, 15 said to “flaunt it”, 14 said that it was outright “cheesy” and 8 could go either way depending on the audience.

What surprised me about the results of this little exercise was how polarizing this topic was. I don’t want to cheese out a large segment of the people I meet, and since I am too lazy and cheap to keep two versions of my cards, I think I will keep “MBA” off of my business cards; however, I will leave it in my LinkedIn profile.


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