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iPhone vs. BlackBerry

Today I think I have given up. I mean it. I really thought I made the correct decision. I thought that I made business communication as easy as it could be. However, I know now that I was foolish. I am talking about my decision to buy a Sprint BlackBerry 8830 over the latest that Apple had to offer, the iPhone.

However, I finally broke down last July and I bought a Sprint BlackBerry 8830 to update my communications for my two businesses. The main reason for my decision was that I needed to have access to my emails while I was out and about. I ended up buying the BlackBerry.

All seemed well, until I needed to look up something on the internet. Now mind you, I never used a phone for surfing before, however, I thought the BlackBerry would be good for that. The ability to access a at least a limited internet, I thought was great. Well, it is not.

I have many early-adopter friends that bought into the initial iPhone hype. I usually do not follow hype, but when I saw some of my friend’s ability to clearly use the internet, I got a little iJealousy.

I now have a need for a mobile device with great internet connectivity. I am now actually contemplating breaking my current cell phone contract with and moving to ATT.

I guess I am now buying into the hype too, as I am going to buy an iPhone too. Heck, at least I will be able to clearly read the hype webpage.


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