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I Want You To Be Rich

It probably sounds very insincere or maybe like I am trying to shill some get rich quick scheme. I am not. I mean it and becoming an entrepreneur is one of the best ways for you to actually achieve it.

So, I hope that I can motivate and maybe someday actually “inspire” people to become greater than they currently are-to take a chance to go out on their own. I want you to be rich (through entrepreneurship) for several reasons:

  • I am a nice guy and I believe that everyone has an obligation to make the world a better place, even if only in some small way.
  • People are happier when they are rich. So, the more people that are rich, the more people that are happy. That translates into the world becoming a better place.
  • When people are happier, they tend to be more creative and innovative. That creativity, translates into developing great products, projects, companies, people and profit.
  • When a person has lots of profit (see rich), they will tend to use that for investing, spending, saving, and giving which all translate into fueling and invigorating the overall economy.
  • When the overall economy improves, that means more customers for me and everyone else.

You see, if you start your own business-any business and are successful, it means that I am also successful in so many very fulfilling ways.


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