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Guest Dan Pink

Dan Pink was on the show today, and wow, I was impressed. We discussed the changing world economy and how the workforce of the United States needs to adapt in order to survive.

Dan Pink is Al Gore’s former speech writer and the author of Free Agent Nation and A Whole New Mind.

A Whole New Mind focuses on six main abilities which businesses (especially entrepreneurs) need to master in order to succeed in the changing world.

Those six abilities are:

  • Design – Beauty and uniqueness
  • Story – More than mere facts
  • Symphony – Seeing the big picture
  • Empathy – Understanding others
  • Play – Enjoyment
  • Meaning – Fulfillment

The point is that these specific abilities are things that cannot be outsourced or automated, which is the focus of the book.

Dan’s advice to entrepreneurs is to look at the big picture and how it relates to what you are doing or what you would like to do. During our conversation, I mentioned to Dan how given the advent of Mexican truckers being allowed onto US highways, it might be a sign to leave that industry, or not go into it at this point. Dan replied that it might be time to get into a business that will directly benefit those from those Mexican truckers being allowed onto US highways. That is thinking with A Whole New Mind!

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