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Freedom Through Entrepreneurship

On a recent show, I brought up the topic of racism and how people more often than not are held back by their personal fears and perceptions, rather than outside obstacles. The show riled several callers, but we also got some very positive responses after the show.

My point is, and always has been, that anyone has the ability overcome anything that gets in their way, if they have the proper mindset. Most people are victims, not because they are a minority or were abused in their childhood, but because they choose to limit themselves. I absolutely understand that racism, anti-Semitism, and discrimination abound in the world, even today, and it is an indictment of a sad part of the human condition. My contention is that as far as an individual’s success goes, I do not think those things really matter. Energy focused on victimhood, is wasted energy that could be better spent in more productive ways, such as starting a business, getting an education and working on personal shortcomings.

Even in the face of blatant discrimination, everyone has power, choices and options. For example, if your boss does not promote you, does the reason why actually matter? Whether it was because you were black, Hispanic or of the “wrong” religion, is irrelevant, because either way, you weren’t promoted.

When faced with the situation above, a person has several choices:

1. They can get angry, complain, and sue, while still not getting any results or a promotion.
2. They can quit and find a new job.
3. They can simply accept the situation and be unhappy.
4. They can quit being dependent on their boss for a job and create one for themselves.

There was a time that I was working at a large corporation and I was miserable. I did not like my co-workers, I hated my boss, and I felt like I was trapped in a prison. I was promised promotions that I never received and the economy was such that I was not able to easily find another job. I got very depressed and frustrated, and I took everything my boss did and said to me personally. My very mood (and livelihood) was dependent on a petty little bully that I called boss. The problem there was NOT my boss; the problem was me all along. I allowed my boss to bully me. I allowed myself to be trapped in a dead-end job out of fear. I allowed myself to get emotionally stressed. I, at all times, had control, but abdicated it. I had the wrong mindset. I was looking for approval and permission from outside myself, when I should have been looking in the mirror.

As an entrepreneur, I no longer have to look outside myself for approval from anyone (other than my wife). It is a very fulfilling and happy place to be. I also hear the same thing almost daily from other entrepreneurs.

Anyone, and I mean anyone, can be an entrepreneur. Any idea has the possibility to generate income. I think there will always be jerks in the world. Ignore them! Why should they have power over you? The only way they can is if you let them. Fire your boss and when you do, tell us your Startup Story.


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