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Steve Hall

“As a parent, small business owner and concerned citizen who has watched the federal government erode our liberties, expand intrusive bureaucracies, increase the tax burden on families, and blatantly ignore the principles of our Republic it is very clear that we need to elect representatives who will obey the constitution. We must elect officials who understand the values of freedom and hold their loyalty to the people and the nation before any party or specific group, that is why I as a life long conservative Republican will be casting my vote for Libertarian candidate Rob McNealy for U.S Congress.

No longer can we allow either party to control the direction our country has gone, time has shown such trust given by the American people is abused. We must cast off the illogical notion that in order to keep the really evil guys from winning we must cast our ballot for the least of the two evils. This method has brought us to where our nation is today. Stand up and make a bold statement this November and lets be part of history in electing the first Libertarian candidate for U.S Congress. Through Rob McNealy the principles of our founding fathers will again be heard in the halls of Congress!”

-Steve Hall, Liberty Activist