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For What is Right

Dear Rob McNealy,

Our organization was founded to help educate people on the Constitution of the United States and our founders’ vision for this nation based on the principles of a limited federal government. This includes teaching citizens about their personal unalienable rights guaranteed to them in our Constitution and by our Creator.

We have begun the task of endorsing candidates for various offices throughout the State of Colorado from the local level to the national level.  We seek to find the best candidates whose platform and vision embodies as closely as possible our founders’ vision for our Republic. We do not favor political party over our founders’ principles. We prefer to remove the party labels and view our candidates as individuals in our review process. This allows us to respectfully make an endorsement knowing that our candidate of choice will represent their constituents to the best of their ability, and in line with our founders’ vision and the Constitution that they are sworn to uphold and support.

After reviewing the candidates for Colorado’s 6th Congressional District, we have decided that you will be the best representative for the people of your district.  We proudly endorse you and will support your campaign to win the election in November.


David L. Kelly & Daniel Lewis

Founders of: For What is Right