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Alexander J. Massa

“During the trials and tribulations our nation has gone through in the past few years, the very survival of our Republic has increasingly been at stake – and it is now more than ever before. During these trying times, we need real men of integrity and courage to stand up and lead our wayward country back onto the path of economic prosperity and better days. Robert McNealy is exactly the kind of man we need in office now. We need men like him now more than ever. I implore all of you in the 6th District of Colorado who believe in limited government and the Constitution to support Rob McNealy in his run for Congress. Our Republic is at stake. When your grandchildren look back at this time in history and ask you what you did for Liberty, will you tell them that you stood by and watched? Or will you tell them that you cast your vote for McNealy – and freedom?”

Alexander J. Massa, Columnist – Project Shining City (