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Do Employee Wellness Programs Work?

As 2007 was drawing to a close, we interviewed Brad Cooper of US Corporate Wellness about employee wellness programs, getting fit, and making attainable health goals instead of New Years resolutions. Now, this past week, the Denver Business Journal featured an examination of employee wellness programs in their Health Care Quarterly.

Among the newest trends in employee benefits popping up in companies throughout the country are formal wellness programs as well as informal ways to reduce stress and increase employee wellness and morale. Examples include daily deliveries of fresh fruits and veggies for employee break rooms, monthly recreational activities and company paid trips to the spa during the work week.

Despite the popularity of employee wellness programs created by companies like US Corporate Wellness, there is yet to be any hard evidence that these programs actually save health dollars or improve attendance or productivity.

If you run or work for a company that has implemented programs to improve employee wellness, we’d love to hear your opnions on the benefits your company has seen. Leave a comment!


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