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Cyndy Everett & Claudine O’Leary, Social Entrepreneurs

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Rob McNealy interviews jewelry designer Cyndy Everett, who designs awareness jewelry for non profits, and Claudine O’Leary of Feeling Bold, a company that creates products which invoke “Boldness of Spirit.”

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Cyndy Everett’s Bio

While living abroad in the Middle East for the past decade, Cyndy Everett traveled the globe and experienced the world’s pallet of color’s materials and cultures. Cyndy was influenced in particular by the Middle East and Asia, where she appreciated the stark contrast of eastern thought meeting western idealism.

After returning to her native Colorado, Cyndy focused introspectively on her repertoire of knowledge of the cosmopolitan collection of cultures and designs from around the world to create unique jewelry pieces as unique as the women her creations adorn. Cyndy’s designs combine traditional and dazzling materials, such as the finest of diamonds and gemstones, with supple and exotic leathers and polymers to delight the senses. The result: necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings expressive of personality. Cyndy Everett’s designs contain only the finest of precious metals, including 18kt gold and pave diamond settings in diverse shapes placed on leather and polymer settings to create explosions of color.

Claudine O’Leary’s Bio

As a passionate believer in positive self thought and expression, Claudine O’Leary traveled the world looking for existing products that reflected her desire for positive impact along with a means of personal self expression. She sought out communities where she, along with other like-minded women could share, communicate and celebrate their Boldness of Spirit life experiences and general positivity.After exhaustive searching around the globe with few results, and after hundreds of conversations with women who became passionate and excited about the prospect of such a unique offering, Claudine began to lay the foundations for what would become, FeelingBold. Driven by the core essence of FeelingBold to evoke and share positive human emotions, Claudine along with the FeelingBold team intend on becoming the leading providers of positive products for women, to tangibly enhance the emotional wellbeing of women’s inner and outer lives, environments and world, and to provide the leading online forum for women to share, honor and celebrate their personal Boldness of Spirit moments.


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