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Credit Card Processing for Your Small Business

Accepting credit cards and debit cards has become essential to doing business in the US. If you’ve decided you’d like to give your small business a more professional look than using PayPal can give, the only problem is picking the right merchant account service for your business type and transaction volume. What can initially seem like a great deal, can become outrageously expensive when you find out about all of the extra fees involved.

If you’re looking for merchant services that are right for your company, look into First Data Independent Sales merchant accounts. First Data Independent Sales provides a number of different credit card and electronic check processing solutions for every type of business, including web based businesses, restaurants and traditional retail locations. Internet merchant accounts come complete with a First Data Independent Sales merchant account which allows you to accept major credit cards, a script to integrate into your web site so your customers can make purchases directly off your site without a need for shopping cart software, a virtual terminal which allows you to run credit card transactions through your computer, and 24/7 support.

If you don’t run an online business, there are a variety of other credit card processing solutions, and different credit card machines to meet you needs, including wireless terminals which allow you to process credit cards anywhere. If you already own one, they can even reprogram you existing credit card machine for free!


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