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CORE Sustainable Opportunities Summit Wrap Up

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the 2008 Sustainable Opportunities Summit, an event put on by Colorado’s leading sustainable business trade association – CORE (Connected Organizations for a Responsible Economy). Featured topics include using clean energy, reducing you carbon footprint, the impact of water and global climate solutions. In addition to attending some of the formal sessions, I found myself getting into many interesting conversations with attendees about hot topics like a carbon footprint tax for business.

The Summit was definitely a worthwhile event, and I thought the speakers and participants raised interesting and thought provoking questions about the responsibility businesses have towards the environment. Social and ecological responsibility are important issues that impact everyone and every business on this planet. It’s time that all businesses started figuring out how to adopt ecologically friendly business practices that will sustain us into the future.

For anyone who’s interested in becoming involved with CORE, they are holding a Colorado CleanTech Initiative meeting on March 25th. According to their website,

The Colorado CleanTech Initiative (CCI), initiated in January 2005, is directed at developing new start-up businesses based on technologies developed in the Colorado Front Range. It helps businesses grow from the ground up and provides a base from which to provide jobs for Colorado. In the long term, it is a key element in building a sound foundation for a Colorado clean energy technology cluster.

The meeting is at 4:30 in the 5th floor conference room at the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce. Check out their website for more details and RSVP information.


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