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Contest for Free iPhone OtterBox and an Interview on Startup Story Radio

iPhone OtterBox CaseThis contest is for all of you out there who are pouting over the fact that you finally got around to buying an iPhone, and now all of your friends ran out and got uber cool iPhone 3Gs. Stop wasting time pining over another tech gadget upgrade, and enter this cool contest for a free OtterBox waterproof case for your iPhone (which is still WAY cooler than my crackberry).

Thanks to a kind donation direct from Otter Products, Startup Story Radio has 3 Armor Series OtterBox iPhone cases to give away. These puppies are waterproof to 3 feet, so while you can’t SCUBA dive with them, they’ll protect your iPhone from an unexpected dunk in a lake (or the toilet . . .). The person with the best submission, as determined by our readers, will also win a chance to be interviewed and featured on the Startup Story Radio podcast.

To enter, all you need to do is create an audio or video podcast, or write a blog entry telling your startup story, and include a link to this contest. Then, email us a link to your submission, so we can check it out. Startup Story Radio will pick our ten favorite entries, and then our readers will get to vote.

The submission with the most votes will get an OtterBox iPhone case, and will also be interviewed on Startup Story Radio. The second and third place winners will each receive an OtterBox iPhone case.

The submission deadline is midnight MST on July 31st, and the top ten finalists will be announced by 5pm MST on August 1st. Voting will be open from August 1st, and will close at midnight MST of August 8th. The winners will be announced on August 9th.


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