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Consumers Loyalty Programs with Roger Toennis of Loyal2Me

Sunday, March 8th, 2009


In This Podcast Episode

Rob McNealy interviews Liquid Media CEO Roger Toennis about Loyal2Me, a unique business to consumer loyalty program.

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About Liquid Media

Liquid Media LLC formed in 2007 with a focus on delivering innovative
and powerful business & consumer solutions that combine the ease of
use of the web/internet with the rich and nuanced character of the
human voice. The company’s founders have extensive experience in the
integration of enterprise class Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions with
web-based business applications having worked previously at companies
such as Avaya, Nortel, Lucent, Carrier Access, Intrado, Roving Planet
and Surfnet. Liquid Media is headquartered Arvada, CO with an
engineering operation in Beijing, China. The company is operating on a
seed investment round and is currently seeking Series A investment to
scale it’s operations and achieve profitability.


Bouncing Back from Failure with Barry Moltz

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009


In This Podcast Episode

Rob McNealy interviews Barry Moltz, entrepreneur, angel investor and author of the book Bounce!: Failure, Resiliency, and Confidence to Achieve Your Next Great Success.

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Barry Moltz’s Bio

Barry MoltzBarry Moltz has founded and run small businesses with a great deal of success and failure for more than 15 years.

After successfully selling his last operating business, Barry has branched out into a number of entrepreneurship-related activities. He founded an angel investor group, an angel fund, and is a former advisory member of the board of the Angel Capital Education Foundation.

His first book, You Need to Be a Little Crazy: The Truth about Starting and Growing Your Business describes the ups and downs and emotional trials of running a business. It is in its fourth reprint and has been translated into Chinese, Russian, Korean and Thai. His second book, “Bounce! Failure, Resiliency and the Confidence to Achieve Your Next Great Success”, is published by Wiley.

BounceBarry is a nationally recognized expert on entrepreneurship who has given over 100 speeches to audiences ranging from 20 to 20,000. He was appointed by the Illinois Governor in 2005 to serve on the board of the Institute for Entrepreneurship Education (IIEE). He has taught entrepreneurship as an adjunct professor at IIT( Illinois Institute of Technology). He was elected to the Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame in 2004.

Moltz has written articles for many national publications. Moltz also wrote a chapter in the book, “State of the Art: American Angel Investing”, (The Darden School, The Batten Institute). Moltz wrote the foreword for Penguin Books’ new The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Business Plans.


Tax Software Make Filing Taxes Yourself Easier

Saturday, January 31st, 2009

It’s tax time, and today we made our annual dash to the office supply store to pick up 1099 forms so we could get them printed and in the mail to our subcontractors on time.  Thanks to our QuickBooks Contractor Edition software, the process is pretty painless, but now that the 1099s are done, we’re right in the midst of one of my least favorite tasks – actually getting our taxes done.

If your tax situation isn’t exceptionally complicated, tax software like H&R Block’s TaxCut or TurboTax can be a real lifesaver when it comes to getting your taxes done quickly and easily. Both TaxCut and TurboTax offer versions for small business, and both give you options for both e-file and traditional paper filing.

Why Use Tax Software?

Reduce Confusion

If you find completing tax forms confusing, both TaxCut and TurboTax take you through an interview, and do the calculations and record your answers on the appropriate tax form lines for you.  Tax software can also save you time by importing tax data from a previous year, so some of your information is already filled out when you start.

Save Money

Tax software can help save you money or increase your tax refund by helping you find deductions you might have missed on your own.  It is also usually less expensive to use tax software than to hire a person to do your taxes.

Faster Refunds With E-File

If you use TurboTax or TaxCut, you’ll have the ability to e-file your tax return.  When you e-file, your tax return is processed more quickly , and and your tax refund will be mailed sooner (within 3weeks, instead of 6 weeks for paper returns).  If you combine e-file with direct deposit, your money can be in your bank account even faster.

What if There’s a Problem With My Return?

Both TaxCut and TurboTax offer audit support, and they also offer error free guarantees.  Both companies will pay your IRS penalites and fees if they are caused by a software error.  The software also carries a money-back guarantee if you’re dissatisfied.

If you’re planning on preparing your tax returns yourself, check out this offer for FREE SHIPPING on Tax Software, including H&R Block’s TaxCut and Turbo Tax! If you’re disorganized and overwhelmed with your books this tax season, check out QuickBooks Pro 2009 to get keep you on track for next year.


Online Printing Meets The Budgets and Needs of Small Business Owners

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

We’ve already had a couple of discussions about business cards on this blog, so I’m pretty sure you all know how important a good business card is when networking and promoting yourself and your business. So, you followed our advice, and designed the perfect logo, got some brilliant business cards, and got your website up. You’re set right? What more could you need?

The problem is, it won’t be long before you run across a potential customer that wants a brochure. You’ll point them to your website, only to be told they don’t “do computers.” Next, you’ll realize you don’t have any letterhead, and you need postcards to announce your latest promotion. The problem is, you don’t need 10,000 flyers or cases of letterhead, and there is no way you could afford it, even if you wanted to. So what do you do?

For many small business owners and startups, keeping costs low while working to grow your business is important. Thankfully for small business owners on a budget, a variety of very reasonably priced online printing sites have popped up on the internet over the past couple of years. Among them are sites like PsPrint. These online printers offer excellent quality, a variety of products, and the ability to produce print orders much smaller than many brick and mortar printers would even consider. Plus, they really are one stop shops, offering business cards, greeting cards, letterhead, flyers, stickers and more, at prices and minimum order sizes that suit a startup budget.