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Shortened URLs and Twitter Ads with Joe Moreno of Adjix

Monday, June 1st, 2009


In This Podcast Episode

Rob McNealy interviews Joe Moreno, President of Adjix, a unique URL shortening service which features click through stats and a unique Twitter advertising program.

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Joe Moreno’s Bio

Joe MorenoJoe Moreno worked for Apple Inc. from 1998 – 2007 in engineering and marketing.

Joe’s past ventures have included Acasero, Inc., designed to give offline consumers the ability to transfer funds via SMS, and IG Photos, where runners could purchase their photos after races such as 5Ks and marathons. IG Photos was unique in that it was the only service to synchronize each photo with the race clock allowing runners to find their photos before their bib numbers were linked to each photo.

Joe is a 1993 graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy. He served in the Marines, in both the enlisted and officer ranks, and he made three deployments to the Middle East and Africa in 1995, 1997, and 2005.

He currently sits on the board of the U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association and he is Chairman of SMS Pal, Inc. – the parent company of Adjix.

Joe lives in Carlsbad, CA with his wife, Laura, and beagle, Cocoa while working full time for Adjix.


Numerology and Business Success with Celebrity Numerologist Tania Gabrielle

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009


In This Podcast Episode

Rob McNealy interviews Tania Gabrielle, celebrity numerologist and author of The Unrevealed Secrets of Political Success, about how the numbers behind names and important dates can impact your  business success.

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Tania Gabrielle’s Bio

Tania GabrielleTania Gabrielle, celebrity numerologist, is the author of The Unrevealed Secrets of Political Success: How Names and Dates Shape U.S. History. She counsels thousands of clients and businesses worldwide. Corporations turn to her for brand names, logos, launch dates and product titles. Her unique approach utilizes three sources of Numerology – Ancient Chaldean, Pythagorean and Ancient Egyptian.

Tania Gabrielle is a highly popular guest on radio shows across North America and Europe where she reveals the numbers behind current events and gives live readings. Gabrielle provides weekly commentary on world events for the Michael Ray Dresser Radio Show. A highly popular speaker, she has taught at many seminars including Hay House’s “I Can Do It!” conference and Matthew Furey’s “Zero Resistance Internet Marketing Seminar.”

Her free e-newsletter, which can be found at, enlightens and explains current events and celebrities’ lives from the perspective of numerology.

Tania Gabrielle’s new book The Unrevealed Secrets of Political Success: How Names and Dates Shape U.S. History reveals how numbers have shaped the destiny of the United States of America since its birth. Stunning connections shared by George Washington, the first President of the United States, and Benjamin Franklin, the power behind the throne, are brought to life. Tania links the numbers between the Lincoln and the Civil War, Martin Luther King, the 1960s and John F. Kennedy – and how they connect to Barack Obama, and the date of the 2008 Election. She explains why the November 4, 2008 was a major turning point in U.S. history.


Using Twitter to Grow Your Business and Brand with Joel Comm

Friday, March 13th, 2009


In This Podcast Episode

Rob McNealy interviews internet entrepreneur Joel Comm about his latest book, Twitter Power.  Joel and Rob chat about using Twitter effectively for business.  Rob was fortunate to meet Joel at the Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas.

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Joel Comm’s Bio

Twitter Power BookJoel Comm is an Internet entrepreneur who has been online for over 20 years. In 1995, Joel launched, a family-friendly portal to the web which enjoys thousands of visitors each day. Joel is the co-creator of, which was acquired by Yahoo! in 1997, and now goes by the name Yahoo! Games. Since then, Joel’s company, InfoMedia, Inc., has launched dozens of web sites which offer online shopping, free stuff, website reviews and more.

Joel is the author of many popular books, including the NY Times Best-Seller, The AdSense Code. He regularly makes appearances at Internet marketing conferences and seminars.  His most recent book, Twitter Power: How to Dominate Your Market One Tweet at a Time teaches people to leverage the power of Twitter for business.


From Corporate to Top Podcaster with J.B. Glossinger of

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009


In This Podcast Episode

Rob McNealy interviews J.B. Glossinger about his self actualization journey from corporate life to becoming the top self help podcast at

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J.B. Glossinger’s Bio

J.B. GlossingerJ.B. Glossinger is the founder of, an online
community that has quickly blossomed into the world’s largest personal
development website.

From Argentina to Zimbabwe, loyal listeners in more than 80 countries
tune in daily to hear his podcast, skyrocketing it to the top spot on
iTunes Health. In addition to his work on, J.B. also
founded the innovative media-marketing firm ViralKungFu, Inc., a
company specializing in social and traditional media.

JB is a personal development coach, a well-regarded keynote speaker
and the author of Get Out Of Neutral. He has an MBA and a PhD in


Twitter Policy and Philosophy

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

[ad#250by250]Twitter is an amazing tool.  I have been fortunate to connect to some amazing people and great things have developed from the relationships that I have begun on Twitter.

Recently, I have been asked a lot of questions about how I use Twitter, and how I connect with people.  So here is my general Twitter policy and philosophy:

1. Privacy

I will respect your DMs.  Please respect mine.

2. Content and Subject Matter

Your screen time is valuable. I promise to make my tweets as interesting and non-boring as possible.  I am a news junkie and read about a dozen websites and blogs from around the world on a daily basis.  I will regularly post content from sites that I am not affiliated with, because I find the content interesting, and think that you might  too.  I will also periodically post things that I am working on and I will strive to post valuable content over self promotion as much as possible.

I am very interested in many topics and have strong opinions about politics, government and religion.  I will restrain my opinions as much as I can, though I am only human and reserve the right to  jump into any debate if I feel I can add a salient point.  However, I am here to make friends, not to argue with people on a daily basis. When I am asked, I will be honest.

For the record, I am an independent politically, and sometimes will feel obligated to discuss the failings in the current two party system. I am not religious or an atheist.  I have a strong belief in God, however, I feel God belongs in church, not the schools, my doctor’s office or in government.  Conversely, I think government should stay out of churches, doctors’ offices and bedrooms. I think that is fair.  You can find out more about my background on the Rob McNealy Bio page.

3. Responses, Replies, and Pitches

I will do my best to respond to all @ replies and direct messages.  However, due to my limited bandwidth, I may not always get to them, and sometimes, a few will slip by and I may not see them.  Please do not take it personally if I do not respond.

I openly accept all pitches for Startup Story Radio, but please use the Startup Story Radio Contact Form to send them to me.

4. Following/Unfollowing

I am very Libertarian when it comes to following people.  I look at Twitter like a large cocktail party, and the more people at the party the more interesting it is for me.  Therefore, I will periodically follow people based on common interests, mutual followings, and areas of expertise.  I regularly use the search function of Twitter, as well as other available tools to locate people that I may want to follow.

There is a debate in social networking about quality versus quantity of connections, followers and friends.  I think there is quality in quantity and therefore like to grow my online networks.  The more people I can connect with, the greater the content will be and more varied the prospective I learn from.

I reserve the right to unfollow you at anytime, for any reason.  I regularly unfollow people that do not follow me, are rude, or not active on Twitter.  It’s hard to dialogue with you if you aren’t listening.  I also respect your right to unfollow me at anytime.

5. Spam, Self Promotion, and Commercialization

I am not big on Twitter spam.  I will unfollow and or block you if you are DM spamming me or just keep following me to get me to follow you.  I am pretty open to following most people.  If I don’t follow you, there is a reason.

I don’t mind if you promote your content and are reasonably self promoting.  I followed you to get to know you, and your business is part of you.  However,  if you go over the top, I may unfollow you.  If you are close to me, I will tell you ahead of time.

I have no moral issue with you using Twitter advertising services such as Magpie or TwitAd, just as long as you provide valuable content as well.  If you are only on twitter to run ads, I most likely will unfollow you.  Again, I am here to make friends.

This policy is subject to change at anytime.

Oh, and if you’d like to connect with me, I’m @RobMcNealy on Twitter.


Gary Vaynerchuk on Wine Library TV and Success

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

In this Podcast Episode

Rob McNealy interviews Gary Vaynerchuk of Wine Library TV about the wine business, and the success of his fantastically popular webcast, The Thunder Show.

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Gary Vaynerchuk’s Bio

Gary VaynerchukGary Vaynerchuk (VAY NER CHUK) is a 32 year old self-trained wine expert who is revolutionizing the wine industry. His webcast, “The Thunder Show”, on, attracts over 80,000 viewers each day and his email queue typically holds 1,000 messages from obsessed fans, self-named “Vayniacs”. Gary’s cult-like following is the result of his unconventional, often irreverent commentary on wine. In the name of “expanding one’s palate”, Gary convinced Conan O’Brien to lick salted rocks and shared samples of dirt and grass with Ellen Degeneres. He routinely pans popular wines (even ones he sells at his 3-story New Jersey store, Wine Library). He even interrupts his webcasts with rants about his beloved New York Jets. This is not your typical wine expert.

His roots in wine tasting come honestly – his Russian immigrant parents owned a liquor store when he was growing up. Bored at the cash register, Gary began reading The Wine Spectator and books about wine and realized collecting wine offered an allure similar to his previous hobby of collecting baseball cards. As a teenager, tasting wine was legally impossible, so Gary set out to train his palate “backwards”. To study various flavors associated with wine, Gary tasted obscure fruits and vegetables, along with earthly influences, including grass, dirt, rocks, tobacco and wood. “I probably consumed more New Jersey grass in my teens than any lawn mower.” By familiarizing himself with the numerous tastes that contributed to a specific wine, Gary was able to detect subtleties that an ordinary palate wouldn’t recognize.

With a wealth of knowledge and an entrepreneurial spirit, Gary spent every weekend of his college years at his parents’ store, rebranding the family business as Wine Library and establishing himself as a respected expert. As the store’s only wine buyer, he sampled every wine that entered the store. Customers depended on Gary for his advice and within a four year time period, Wine Library grew from a $4 million dollar business to a $40 million business.

The Thunder Show has taken on a life of its own, attracting fans from 12 to 90 years old and reaching the maximum limit of 4,999 Facebook friends. Gary’s key goals (after owning the New York Jets) are twofold. “First, I want people to try different wines. How can you have a favorite if you only know a few? Second, I tell people to trust their palates. If a wine appeals to your palate, then it’s a good choice. Don’t feel pressured to like popular brands or what experts recommend. Buy what ‘brings the thunder’ for you.” Comical expressions used on the show, such as “Sniffy sniff” and “The Oakmonster” add to Gary’s identity as “the wine guy for the Average Joe.” In addition to encouraging straightforward wine tasting, Gary educates viewers about the effects of regional factors (soil, sun, wind) on wine flavors, and how to buy wine. Debunking myths — red vs. white, big name brands vs. independent growers — is another feature in Gary’s webcasts.

101 WinesAs the youngest winner of Marketwatch’s Business Award, Market Watch Leader at 27 and his recently launched first book, 101 Wines Guaranteed to Inspire, Delight, and Bring Thunder to Your World, Gary Vaynerchuk is an icon in his industry. In addition to stellar “street cred” among his fans, Gary is also highly respected in the wine industry and the corporate world. “Wine is a dynamic category that offers a new set of flavors and standards each year. There is so much to learn and appreciate regardless of price.” Gary’s unique identity as both a wine expert and a “real person” has reinvented the concept of wine tasting for a new generation.


Jeremy Wright of b5media on Social Media and Blogging as a Business

Friday, October 24th, 2008

In this Podcast Episode

Rob McNealy interviews b5media co-founder, Jeremy Wright, about blogging as a business, social media and the b5media blog network.

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Jeremy Wright’s Bio

Jeremy Wright and Rob McNealy at BlogWorldJeremy Wright is a serial entrepreneur, some have even said “blogpreneur” for his focus on communications-oriented ventures. He is an internationally recognized authority on blogging who has helped hundreds of people and many high profile companies develop strategies to incorporate blogs into their business plans.

In 2005, Jeremy teamed up with fellow professional bloggers Darren Rowse, Duncan Reilly and Shai Coggins to form b5media, a blog network that has more than tripled in size and seen over 2000% growth in revenue in less than three years.

b5media Logo

Jeremy also consults on blogging, communication, IT and time management and is the author of the book Blog Marketing, which is designed to help businesses come to grips with blogs and really start engaging with their audience, customers and consumers on a 1-1 basis.


Thin Air Summit New Media Conference with Goldie Katsu

Sunday, October 5th, 2008

In this Podcast Episode

Rob McNealy interviews podcaster and security analyst, Goldie Katsu, about the Thin Air Summit, a new media conference happening in Denver from November 7-9.

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About the Thin Air Summit

Attend Thin Air SummitThe Thin Air Summit, which is being organized by Goldie Katsu and Kit Seeborg, was born from the idea that getting Colorado’s New Media professionals and out-of-town guests in the same venue for two days of intensive learning and collaborating is a win-win for the area’s New Media community!  Conference speakers include Dave Taylor, Jeremiah, Owyang, and Startup Story’s own Rob McNealy.

The conference is organized in three tracks – blogging, audio and video.  An optional introductory workshop on new media will be presented on Friday.  Seating for the conference is limited to 100 attendees, in order to provide a comfortable and intimate setting for attendees to ask questions and engage in discussions on any number of topics. The opportunities to interact with presenters and fellow attendees are endless.

Register for the Thin Air Summit now.  Don’t wait.  Seats are filling fast, and this event WILL sell out.

Goldie Katsu’s Bio

Goldie KatsuOnce an explorer always an explorer.  Goldie Katsu has been playing with technology since her childhood.  She first explored social networking and “new media” back in the dark ages of the network through usenet newsgroups and UNIX system forums. In the latest incarnation of social networking and new media she has been an early adopter and explorer of how to use and benefit from social networking tools and new media. On her blog she explores themes in technology, society, law and how all this relates to our increasing public and connected world.

In addition to writing she is actively involved in web video on streaming video sites such as Blogtv and Ustream, stored video sites like Viddler, and conversational video sites such as Seesmic and, and was an early user of many of these sites.

Her participation and content is valued by others and she has been an integral part of the growth of new media. In a recent newsletter Chris Brogan stated in reference to Goldie’s blog  “Goldie’s Gabs – Want a grab bag of thoughtful, personal, touching, and insightful stories? In video, text, and beyond, Goldie Katsu delivers. She’s a great producer of content, and someone you feel you know after just a few posts.”

Located in Boulder, Colorado, Goldie joined the Denver Area Podcaster’s meetup. It was at this meetup that the idea of a new media conference for Colorado first came up. Inspired by the idea she gathered a team of interested community members and this has become the Thin Air Summit.

Goldie Katsu can be found on and at her blog at


TV and Entrepreneurship with Talk Show Host Letitia Wright

Monday, August 11th, 2008

In this Podcast Episode

Rob McNealy interviews Dr. Letitia S. Wright, host of The Wright Place TV Show, about entrepreneurship, how she got her start, and the techniques she’s used to build her audience.

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Dr. Letitia Wright’s Bio

Dr. Letitia S. Wright, D.C., is an international speaker, talk show host, author and movie producer. As the host of the Wright Place TV Show, now in it’s 8th season, she has hosted over 250 shows broadcast on television to over 3.8 million homes each week in Southern California.

The Wright Place TV Show is the fastest growing show about business on air today. Each week, guests such as Mark Victor Hansen, Stedman Graham, Robert G. Allen, T. Harv Eker, Marie Diamond, Rieva Lesonsky, John Assaraf, D.C. Cordova, Teri Hatcher, Marla Gibbs, and Christina Ferrari, discuss information, strategies and new technology that women can use to grow their businesses.

Dr. Wright is the Co-Author of the The Power of Mentorship for Creating Wealth, The Power of Mentorship for the Woman Entrepreneur and The Power of Mentorship Finding Your Passion. She is also the Producer of the new film – The Power of Mentorship Movie. The signature event of the year, the 2008 Wright Place High Tea, featured gift bags valued at over $500 and awards for non-profit organizations.

In 2009, Dr. Wright will be featured in the Women’s Advantage Page-a-Day Calendar. In March of 2007, Dr. Wright was mentioned in Fast Company Magazine. She was also part of the all female faculty for Wonder Women of the Web in February 2007.


Internet Marketing with Jeremiah Staes of Portage Media Solutions

Monday, August 4th, 2008

In this Podcast Episode

Rob McNealy interviews Jeremiah Staes, founder and president of Portage Media Solutions about social media marketing and internet media solutions.

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Jeremiah Staes’ Bio

Producing online media before it was fashionable or widely known, Automation Alley member Jeremiah Staes has over a decade of experience in the professional content creation business.  Originally an award-winning producer/director/cinematographer for corporate and broadcast television, he eventually realized the growth market was actually on the internet.

As a result, he decided to change focus and garner experience creating excellent brand and user experiences online.  Now, he is the president and “Guru of Making ‘Wow!’ Happen” at Portage Media Solutions, an interactive agency in Detroit which is consistently successful in spaces like professional podcasting, blogging, online branding, and message outreach.  Portage combines the best parts of traditional media and new media into successful, profitable outcomes for clients in a variety of industries including service, educational, non-profit, product, technology, and professional organizations.

Jeremiah also blogs about social and interactive media/marketing at  His personal passions include baseball, technology, architecture, and the revitalization of the City of Detroit.  Just like Portage Media Solutions creates solutions that work, they do work in the community.  Including projects like tearing down abandoned homes in Detroit to build housing for needy families.