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Affiliate Summit West Tricycle Charity Race

Friday, April 3rd, 2009

[ad#250by250]Way back in January, I had the pleasure of making a complete and total fool of myself, riding a tricycle (among other things) for charity at the Affiliate Summit.  The 2Newbies, Brian Williams and Marc Levin, sponsored me in the event.

Brian and Marc are on a mission to help new internet marketers make money easy online and have released some really fantastic, not to mention, FREE video training material.  Brian and Marc are cool guys, so check them out  at  When you’re done there, take a minute to visit them at 2Newbies too.

But, before you go, check out a little video action from that tricycle race.  Just don’t hurt yourself when you end up ROTFL . . .

I’ll be sharing more about the Affiliate Summit and affiliate marketing, so check back to learn more about the masters of affiliate marketing.


Share Your Inspiration and Win!

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

Today, I’m honored to be a featured Luminary at, a website that provides daily inspiration to people around the world.  As you might remember, I interviewed Inspire Me Today founder, Gail Goodwin earlier this year, and I was thrilled when she wanted to include me on her site.

To hear my interview over at Inspire Me Today, you need to be a member, but Gail has been kind enough to give me nine year long memberships to share with my friends and listeners.  To enter for your chance to win one of these memberships, all you need to do is leave a comment telling us about a person who inspires you.  For a second entry, tweet this contest, with a link to this post, and leave a separate comment letting me know you did it.

The contest will close on Friday Sunday, January 4th at 5pm MST.  Winners will be chosen at random and announced as soon as possible.  Please make sure we have a way to get in touch with you if you win!


Desmond Tutu Nobel Prize Winner Speaking on Inspiration

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

Last night I had the pleasure of meeting Desmond Tutu, the Anglican Arch Bishop, Nobel laureate, and famous anti-apartheid activist.  The Arch Bishop was speaking at the Insight Speaker Series, hosted by Elizabeth Weiland, whom we previously have interviewed on Startup Story Radio.

Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper opened the event by describing the rough and impoverished childhood that Desmond Tutu endured as a young black child in South Africa.

Desmond Tutu and Rob McNealy

Desmond Tutu spoke about how the entire would is connected and that no man is “self-made” but is rather made by others.  He also spoke about how as a boy he was inspired by the first black American baseball players.

It was an amazing event, and I am thankful that I was invited.  I would also recommend that if you in Denver, that you check out the rest of the series.  It will be well work the time and money.



Competing Against Foreign Manufacturing with Richard Elkus Author of Winner Takes All

Saturday, August 16th, 2008

In this Podcast Episode

Rob McNealy interviews Richard Elkus, author of Winner Take All, about competing with foreign manufacturing and globalization.

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Richard Elkus’ Bio

Winner Take AllRichard J. Elkus Jr. has been Chief Executive or on the Board of Directors of over fifteen different high-technology companies during his career, as well as board member of the University of California President’s Board on Science and Innovation, Scripps Research Institute, the Center for Strategic and International Studies, the Economic Strategy Institute, the American Electronics Association, and many other organizations. He helped lead the introduction of several of the most widely used innovations in consumer electronics.

In Winner Take All: How Competitiveness Shapes the Fate of Nations (Basic Books; July 14, 2008) Silicon Valley business leader Richard J. Elkus Jr. chronicles how America got on the wrong track and how we can change the course of America’s global competitiveness before it’s too late.


Podcasting, Religion & Politics with Cameron Reilly of The Podcast Network

Friday, July 4th, 2008

In this Podcast Episode

Rob McNealy interviews Cameron Reilly, Owner and CEO of The Podcast Network, and host of numerous podcasts, including the very first Australian podcast, “G’Day World.”

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Cameron Reilly’s Bio

Cameron ReillyCameron Reilly is the Owner and CEO of The Podcast Network (TPN), the world’s first podcasting business. TPN is one of the largest independent media companies in Australia with over 500,000 monthly listeners. He is the host of the podcast “G’Day World”, as well as an eclectic mix of other podcasts on TPN, covering topics like Napoleon Bonaparte, philosophy and people who shaped human history.

Reilly entered into the internet/e-business industry as a consultant in 1995, and he’s worked for major companies like Microsoft and OzEmail. He was named one of the “40 Biggest Players in Australia’s Digital Age” by B&T Magazine, and The Podcast Network was named one of the Top 100 “Companies that matter most in the digital content industry“ by EContent Magazine.


Organizing Your Online Life with Matt Galligan of Socialthing!

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008

In this Podcast Episode

Rob McNealy interviews Matt Galligan, CEO and Co-Founder of Socialthing, Inc., producer of Socialthing!, a digital life manager that pledges to make your online life easier.

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Matt Galligan’s Bio

Matt GalliganMatt Galligan is the CEO and Co-Founder of Socialthing, Inc., a company that was chosen to be part of the inaugural year of TechStars, a program that provides seed capital and mentorship for startups. Socialthing, Inc. produces Socialthing!, a first-of-its-kind digital life manager that pledges to make your online life easier.

Currently in private beta, Socialthing! created a strong buzz at South by Southwest (SXSW) in 2008, and since then, the Socialthing! team has been working hard on creating, and releasing version 2.0 of their digital life manager.

Matt’s background is in graphic design and user interface, working for MonsterCommerce, now Network Solutions, based out of St. Louis, MO. He got his start in computers and design while working for Evans Services, Inc., a disaster restoration company out of Illinois before he turned 16.


Socialthing! is a Boulder, Colorado based provider of services and applications that make interacting with web-based content easier and more productive. The company’s first service is a digital life manager designed to offer a single, interactive window into multiple social networks and make interacting with social networks more efficient.


Organic Clothing Market with Becky Prater of Beckons Organic

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

In this Podcast Episode

Rob McNealy interviews Becky Prater, co-founder of Beckons Organic, a company that makes yoga clothes from organic cotton and other sustainable natural fibers.

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More About Becky Prater and Beckons Organic

Beckons Organic FoundersBecky Prater (right), and her business partner Ann Sather, have been a design team since 1987, jointly designing children’s wear, snowboard clothing and dance costumes. They got their start working on projects together as stay-at-home moms. When their children entered high school, Becky and Ann decided it was the right time in their lives to set out on their dream of bringing flattering eco-conscious clothing to the market.

Beckons began in 2005 because Ann and Becky recognized a need for colorful yoga clothing that fits the average woman, rather than just the refined yoga body. They found an outstanding domestic manufacturing facility and a supplier of organic fabrics to create a package they could be very proud to bring to the consumer.

Becky and Ann contribute their unique strengths to the Beckons collection. Ann is a genius pattern maker and production coordinator. She is naturally the most “green” person — air-drying her clothes, walking, biking or taking the bus around town, and organically growing her own food. With a Masters in Marketing, Becky manages the business arm of Beckons. She also gardens, growing mostly grapes, berries and roses.

“Our biggest challenge is that people do not understand what organic cotton clothing is. We need to educate the public on the benefits of organic cotton and the problems associated with conventional cotton,” states Becky Prater. Through information on their website, hang tags, and point-of-purchase displays, they strive to increase consumer awareness.


Tony Hsieh Zappos CEO

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

In This Podcast Episode

Rob McNealy interviews Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh about the online shoe, clothing and accessories retailer and about their outlook on customer service.

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Tony Hsieh’s Bio

Tony HsiehTony Hsieh originally got involved with Zappos as an adviser and investor in 1999, about 2 months after the company was founded. Over time, Tony ended up spending more and more time with the company because it was both the most fun and the most promising out of all the companies that he was involved with. He eventually joined Zappos full time in 2000. Under his leadership, Zappos has grown gross merchandise sales from $1.6M in 2000 to $840M in 2007 by focusing relentlessly on customer service.

Tony focuses on continuing to grow the business at a rapid pace while maintaining the culture and feel of a small company. Prior to joining Zappos, Tony co-founded Venture Frogs with Alfred Lin. Venture Frogs is an incubator and investment firm that invested in Internet startups, including Ask Jeeves, Tellme Networks, and of course, Prior to Venture Frogs, Tony co-founded LinkExchange, an advertising network that was successfully sold to Microsoft for $265M in 1998.


Soul Patch Album Featured in Podcast Intro

Thursday, March 27th, 2008

Soul Patch - Sooner or LaterA few weeks ago, I interviewed Jason Mendelson, who just happens to be an incredible musician, in addition to his day job as a venture capitalist at the Foundry Group. Jason’s band, Soul Patch credits Steely Dan, Beck and Phish as their musical influences. After the interview, they were kind enough to send me a copy of their album, Sooner or Later. I enjoyed it so much, I asked Jason if I could license the music to use as bumper music for my podcasts.

Since Jason was kind enough to agree, you’ll be able to hear a small bit of their music in my new podcast intro. You can also check them out on Facebook, or buy their music at or iTunes.


Do Employee Wellness Programs Work?

Tuesday, February 5th, 2008

As 2007 was drawing to a close, we interviewed Brad Cooper of US Corporate Wellness about employee wellness programs, getting fit, and making attainable health goals instead of New Years resolutions. Now, this past week, the Denver Business Journal featured an examination of employee wellness programs in their Health Care Quarterly.

Among the newest trends in employee benefits popping up in companies throughout the country are formal wellness programs as well as informal ways to reduce stress and increase employee wellness and morale. Examples include daily deliveries of fresh fruits and veggies for employee break rooms, monthly recreational activities and company paid trips to the spa during the work week.

Despite the popularity of employee wellness programs created by companies like US Corporate Wellness, there is yet to be any hard evidence that these programs actually save health dollars or improve attendance or productivity.

If you run or work for a company that has implemented programs to improve employee wellness, we’d love to hear your opnions on the benefits your company has seen. Leave a comment!