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Rob McNealy interviews Sergio Stiberman, founder of about how the idea behind LeaseTrader developed and what the company offers to consumers.

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Sergio Stiberman’s Bio

Sergio StibermanSergio Stiberman is president and chief executive officer of, a website that easily and affordably matches car buyers with owners looking to terminate their lease contracts. His decision to start the company grew out of his life?long entrepreneurial spirit that was developed at a young age.

A native of Argentina, Stiberman arrived in the United States at the age of 14.After taking several business courses at local colleges in Miami, Stiberman decided to venture out on his own to start a consumer electronics wholesale company. Leveraging his experiences and knowledge of the Latin American marketplace, Stiberman’s consumer electronics company catered to visitors traveling to Miami who were interested in purchasing electronics such as VCRs, televisions, radios and portable electronics devices. Stiberman realized many of these items were difficult to purchase at a competitive price in his customers’ native countries. Through the 80s and into much of the 90s, his operation grew to over five locations throughout South Florida.

Stiberman’s consumer electronics business reached a plateau in the mid 90s, and with the advent of the Internet, he decided to search for a new business venture that would leverage the internet’s power. Then one day the idea surfaced – using the Internet to help trade car leases between people who unexpectedly wanted, or needed, to terminate their contract to consumers looking to upgrade their current vehicle. As a result, he started in 1998.

In nearly 10 years of operation, Stiberman has grown to a complete lease transfer service spanning the entire country. His innovative ideas have helped thrive, especially in the first few years when a majority of market research did not support the concept. Today, Stiberman continues to develop the company, working on patent?pending technologies that will revolutionize and streamline the entire lease transfer process.

Stiberman resides in Miami with his wife and two children.


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