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Alltop Launches Startups Category (and we’re in it!)

Alltop LogoNononina, a company owned by Will Mayall, Kathryn Henkens and Guy Kawasaki, formally announced the launch of a new website this month called Alltop. According to Guy Kawasaki’s blog, Alltop is

a news aggregation site that provides “all the top” stories for forty of the most popular topics on the Web. The headlines and first paragraph of the five most recent stories from forty to eighty sources for each topic are displayed. Alltop stories are refreshed approximately every ten minutes.

On Wednesday, April 2nd, Alltop launched it’s Startups category, and we were thrilled when Guy emailed us personally to tell us that Startup Story Radio had been included. We’re in very good company in the category, along side feeds from sites like TechCrunch and Entrepreneur. Check it out!


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