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Affiliate Summit West Tricycle Charity Race

[ad#250by250]Way back in January, I had the pleasure of making a complete and total fool of myself, riding a tricycle (among other things) for charity at the Affiliate Summit.  The 2Newbies, Brian Williams and Marc Levin, sponsored me in the event.

Brian and Marc are on a mission to help new internet marketers make money easy online and have released some really fantastic, not to mention, FREE video training material.  Brian and Marc are cool guys, so check them out  at  When you’re done there, take a minute to visit them at 2Newbies too.

But, before you go, check out a little video action from that tricycle race.  Just don’t hurt yourself when you end up ROTFL . . .

I’ll be sharing more about the Affiliate Summit and affiliate marketing, so check back to learn more about the masters of affiliate marketing.


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