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2009 New Year’s Resolutions and Confessions for Your Small Business

Happy New Year!

I have to confess that I made some mistakes in 2008.  Some of my worst business sins over the past year included getting bogged down in over-analyzing projects instead of executing, and failing to listen to my mentors (and my wife) from time to time.

Fortunately, I’ve also some great transitions and strides.  The most important decision my family made this past year, was to break our addiction to material possessions.  That is not to say we don’t like material things.  We just no longer mindlessly buy things we don’t really need, and more importantly, we no longer are emotionally attached to them.  Many Americans are emotionally attached to useless material objects which ultimately can enslave them. This has been the most liberating and refreshing thing we have done in many years.  This change has saved us a lot of money, and is part of the value set we are instilling in our children.

To make this happen, we have changed the way do many things, including making our own bread, clipping coupons, making a family budget, growing our own vegetables and making our own Christmas presents.

We tied all these change into our homeschooling curriculum for our children, and it has been a very educational, artistic and enlightening experience.  We spent time together as a family, learned the value of money and had a great time.

On the business front, we made made strides in focusing on the core functions of our businesses and streamlined our operations for the rough economic times ahead.

Our goals for 2009 are to:

1. Survive the tough times ahead.

2. Sell our flooring company, Natural Wood Floors.

3. Ramp up Contrived MediaAsk A Floor Guy and to the point where we can do them full time.

I have confessed my 2008 sins and laid out my New Year’s resolutions for 2009.  What are your personal and small businees goals for 2009?  In the comments section below, confess your 2008 sins and tell me your personal & business goals fro 2009.


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